We snore when the flow of air through the nose or mouth is obstructed during sleep. This airflow obstruction is typically caused by relaxation and poor muscle tone around the throat and jaws. However, there are many additional underlying causes of snoring — mouth breathing, poor diet, obesity and poor forward development of the jaws. Tooth extractions with orthodontia can also worsen breathing problems.

Myobrace is designed for snorers who breathe through their mouth while sleeping. Myobrace slightly advancing the sleeper’s lower jaw, which corrects tongue position and opens the bite, and therefore opens the airway.

When in place, Myobrace will open the airway and control over-breathing through the mouth. The appliance’s flexible sides – with air spring base – minimise impact on the jaw joint (TMJ), so it is also ideal for those suffering from TMJ Disorder or who grind their teeth.

Instead of only focusing on symptoms of the problem, Myobrace corrects the upper airway and neuromuscular dysfunction, which can cause Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB).


Tongue tie

In our mouths, there are some attachments all along the sides of the cheek to the gum regions. One of the most noticeable attachments will be the one that links your tongue to the floor of the mouth in the centre of the lower jaw. This is called the lingual frenum. This can be short or tight in some patients, limiting tongue movements. This condition is known as ankyloglossia or more commonly “tongue tie”. In certain patients, speech and eating may be affected as well as the ability of the tongue to rest in the palate and develop the upper jaw.

The procedure to ‘release’ the tongue tie (Fraenectomy) is a fairly simple procedure and can be done by Dr. de Villiers using a soft tissue laser and local anesthetic.


Lip Tie

The upper and lower lips can also be tied and this causes a gap between the teeth. A lip fraenectomy can also be done in these cases


Temperomandibular jaw joint (TMJ) disorder is a complex condition with a wide range of symptoms. Myobrace has been designed to provide immediate symptom relief.

Because TMJ involves the teeth, facial muscles and jaw joints creating a wide range of symptoms, Myobrace works by decompressing the jaw joint and moving the lower jaw into the correct position. Myobrace also limits bruxing, mouth breathing and incorrect myofunctional habits.