Limitations of Braces2018-11-29T08:20:11+00:00

Braces and extracting teeth in teenage years does not solve the underlying causes of crooked teeth and incorrect facial development

Orthodontics with braces has been used for decades to straighten teeth in early teens when all the permanent teeth have appeared, and although effective in forcing the teeth into straighter alignment, it’s important to recognise that there are well-documented disadvantages. Along with leaving the underlying causes of crooked teeth untreated, traditional orthodontic techniques have several other risks or limitations including surgery, enamel and root damage as well as the high likelihood of relapse, unless a permanent commitment is made to wearing a fixed or removable retainer.

The main risks and limitations of treatment with braces are:

RELAPSE – up to 90%



RETENTION – for life

Removable appliances like the Myobrace® have been shown to not cause root resorption because of intermittent use. Although The Myobrace® System can still be combined with braces, they are required in much fewer cases and are fitted for a much shorter time with lighter forces.